5 Sustainable Switches to Make This Earth Day

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Earth Day always reminds me of what I could be doing better to protect and preserve the environment. With little ones watching me, I’m especially mindful of me need to be a good steward of the planet so that they will follow suit. Over the years we’ve made lots of little changes to be kinder to the environment, and today I’m sharing five of my all-time favorite eco-friendly products you can make the switch to this Earth Day.

proof leakproof undies

In the name of total transparency, I want to let you know that I’m part of the proof team (follow us on IG, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook and say hi!) but I would still LOVE and use these products even if I didn’t work for proof (pinky promise!)

I was not the first person on the eco-friendly period products train – I was worried they wouldn’t be effective, or that clean up would be a little gross. But proof has totally changed my mind. Proof underwear are the only undies on the market that are really (really) leak-proof, and work for period leaks, bladder leaks, discharge, sweat, and postpartum (no more of those ugly hospital undies after birth) for the leaks that no one prepares you for after baby.

They look and feel like your favorite undies and are so. dang. comfortable. I love the everyday undies and thong for light protection that’s totally seamless under workout leggings, but the lacy hipster and mesh pairs are super pretty for every day, too. They wash up super easily like any other delicates; just rinse and wash gently in cold water with mild detergents, then hang dry.

I don’t think I could ever go back to tampons and pads – proof is not only super effective at locking in leaks (and safer than tampons that carry the risk of T.S.S.) but they keep so much single use plastic waste out of landfills! The stats about period waste are kind of insane – one woman may produce 100 lbs. of waste from feminine hygiene products each year, and about 11,000 pads in her lifetime. 12 billion pads and 7 million tampons are dumped into US landfills each year, and constitute 7% of the world’s landfills. Even organic or biodegradable pads have hidden plastics and non-biodegradable components that can take up to 800 years to decompose. So, making the simple switch to proof can have a huge impact on the environment. You can find the perfect pair for yourself here.

clevermade totes

I’m obsessed with my clevermade totes – they are the sturdiest, most practical reusable totes on the planet. I love these for packing up groceries, carrying sports and beach gear, thrifting, and just about anything else. They fold flat when not in use, so you can easily store them in your trunk – never forget a reusable bag again. Clevermade also makes a really great gift for the mom or teacher in your life! I use the Luxe Totes – with super sturdy straps for heavy loads – grab your own from Amazon.

magic sponge by amala

These magic sponges have replaced most of our paper towels and sponges around the house. Super soft and absorbent, they can wipe up spills, clean surfaces, and wash dishes. With kids, we can go through a looooot of paper towels, so I knew that I needed a more sustainable solution. A single cloth can be washed and reused again and again. To clean, run through a cycle in the dishwasher with dishes, or in a load of laundry with gentle detergent, then let air dry. You can grab a pack of 6 for under $12 from Amazon.

silicone baking mat

As an avid baker, I can go through a lot of parchment paper, baking bread, croissants, and my favorite chewy chocolate chip cookies. A professional pastry-chef friend of mine turned me onto these reusable silicone baking sheets a few years ago, and I’ve loved them! These mats create a non-stick surface on your baking pan that distributes heat beautifully and helps your goodies to bake perfectly every time – no need for foil, parchment paper, oil or baking spray. To clean, wash by hand or on the top rack of the dishwasher. Snag a pair of silicone mats for yourself for just $14.

wool dryer balls

Laundry can waste so much energy and water, and create a lot of trash. We’ve reduced our carbon footprint by only using cold water to launder clothes, and by only doing full loads (it sounds so simple, but makes a big impact!) But changing up the way you dry clothes can also be really important for the environment. Aside from air drying when you can, keep your lint trap clean to make your dryer more effective and use less energy. We also switched to dryer balls a few years ago and they have worked so well for softening clothes and reducing static. These balls are made of real wool that let air flow through the dryer more effectively, and keep clothes from getting tangled.

Each ball can be reused thousands of times and last about 4 years. And if you’re into good scents, you can drop a some essential oils onto your dryer balls to leave a light scent on clothes – I really like using lavender on sheets and pajamas. A pack of 6 is $16 on Amazon.