Valentine’s Traditions to do with Your Kids This Year

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I really embrace the cheese of Valentine’s Day – life’s too short not to party in pink and red and celebrate love together. Of course it’s great to have a little romance with your significant other, but it’s also a fun holiday to celebrate with kids. We make it more about love in general – not just the romantic sort. Today I’m sharing how we keep it festive and fun with easy traditions you can do all month long.

Valentine’s Day Breakfast

A festive breakfast is a very casual celebration you can start with your family. I love doing heart shaped pancakes or lacey pancakes or crepes – I use these bottles to get the best results. Just make your batter and pour into the bottle, then use it to pour out designs or shapes into your pan.

For extra pink action, I use gel food colors to turn our milk or Greek yogurt bright pink – the girls get so tickled seeing the magic of their favorite foods made into their favorite colors! We eat on heart shaped plates with cute napkins – I get mine from Target. So simple and fun!

What I Love About You

My girls picked out this envelope from the Target Dollar Spot (you know, the vortex) a few years ago, and it’s still going strong as one of our favorite V-day decorations. We keep it in the playroom or the kitchen, and take turns leaving notes in it about things we love about the other family member. It’s especially sweet now that Eva can write – I melt reading what she has to say about her sister and dad and, well, especially me.

Surprise Them With Flowers

When I was a little girl, my dad would occasionally come home with a bouquet of flowers for my mom, and another one for me. I remember feeling absolutely giddy – I knew what a special treat it was and it felt very grown up and elegant. What’s sweeter for a little girl than to feel loved and cherished by her father?

We keep this tradition going with our girls – Brett will drop by Trader Joe’s on his way home from work and grab a bouquet for each of his girls. They have ‘petite bouquets’ for $4, so this isn’t as much of a splurge as it seems.

Heart Attack

A very non-threatening heart attack: use heart shaped notes to ‘attack’ a family member’s bedroom door or backpack. It’s such a fun surprise for them to wake up to or see when they are heading off to school. Write something you love about them on each note and watch them light up.

Send a Cutesy E-Valentine (or 14)

I’m a huge fan of Paperless Post, and it’s not just for invites! The app has so many adorable, free designs for all different occasions. Just search ‘Valentine’ or ‘Love’ to find cheeky, clever, and sweet cards that you can personalize and send in a few clicks. I send them to Brett throughout the month of December for a (free), fun surprise during his workday, but it would be great to send to older kids, too!

Play Cupid

I always like to infuse service into our holiday traditions. I think it’s super important for kids to learn the value of giving early in life and for them to see parents being thoughtful and kind to others. During Valentine’s Day, you can ‘play cupid’: surprise a friend, neighbor, or stranger by leaving a little gift for them to find. We like to leave a treat with a note and a helium-filled balloon on our neighbor’s doorstep: it’s a cheery, inexpensive way to show a lot of love.

I hope you found some good ideas to make Valentine’s Day merrier with your family this year.

Cheers, friends!