New Year Traditions for the Whole Family

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You guys, it’s almost 2020! Ahh! With every passing year I get more sentimental – having little ones will do that to you! I get choked up thinking about how fast they are growing up and thinking back on all of our sweet moments. I love taking time around New Year’s Eve to reflect on the past year as a family and look forward to what’s to come. Today I’m sharing some of our favorite ways to celebrate the New Year as a family!

Look Back on Year with a Year-End Montage

We love watching family videos together. Kids are the most innocently self-obsessed people on the planet. “I want to see more ME!” my daughter once said as we looked through family photos. As a parent, we often remember way more of our kids lives than they do, so it’s important to be mindful of sharing memories with them. We are the memory architects of our children’s lives – shaping the memories and then reminiscing together is so important.

I make super simple video montages that anyone can put together. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to use these apps to make a beautiful and meaningful video for your family. Using Google Photos, you can automatically sync your phone photos to the cloud and use the app to make videos for you. Just select people in your photos or a time window and then let Google do the work for you. I personally love using the free InShot app to put together videos from my phone – you can even add music and text easily.

Once you have your video, hook up to a big screen or projector, queue the lights, and watch as a family as you ring in the New Year!

Make a Family Year Book

You all know how much I love my Chatbooks – the super simple photobooks you can make straight from your phone for under $10. They line our book shelves and are one of my most cherished possessions. I like to spend a little extra time at the end of the curating a ‘Year Book’ with memorable moments from the year – birthdays and dance recitals, sledding and Christmas morning, first days of school and anniversaries.

You can add text in the app and add special artisan covers for a little extra $. They are available in hard or soft cover, and don’t forget to label the spine ‘Our Family Yearbook 2019!’ I personally like to print all of our photos and go through and add labels by hand while I watch a Christmas movie. It gives me a quiet moment to reflect and write special messages in for my family. You can get $10 off your first Chatbooks project by using my code: SARAH-GROTENHUIS49AY

Write Your Year in Review

When I saw these Year in Review printables on Instagram, I knew I had to start a new tradition with my family! Print off one for each member of the family and fill in your highlights from the year, then reminisce together. It’s so interesting to hear what kids say about their highs and lows from the year. Stow them away in your keepsake box to compare the answers over the years for a sweet reminder of years past.

Adopt a Family Motto or Word For the New Year

I’m a big big (big) fan of resolutions, goals, to-do lists, and anything else productivity related, and I spread/force that love onto my family. I love to put a spin on New Year’s resolutions as a family by choosing a motto or word to inspire us throughout the year. Pick one that’s relevant for your season of life: ‘Have Courage & Be Kind’ was our school year motto for Eva in preschool. ‘Dare to Try’, ‘Bold!’ ‘Be Your Higher Self’ would all be great mottos for your family to adopt.

We have a family night choosing our motto and then discussing how we can live by it over the next year. Write or print it out and hang it somewhere highly visible so you can all be reminded of your family goal and talk about it often. Having these shared goals can really help you to become closer and stronger as a family.

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