How to Host A Shepherd’s Supper This Christmas

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The Shepherd’s Supper has quickly become one of our most cherished Christmas traditions. It’s a fun way to reintroduce some spirituality to the hectic holiday season. We just have our family for the Shepherd’s Supper but it would be so fun to invite some friends over to join in on the celebration.

The Setting: By the Stars

Forego the table settings in favor of eating picnic style by candlelight or dimmed lights. Set out blankets to snuggle on, and eat family-style from wooden boards and serving platters.

The Menu: Eat like the Shepherd’s of Old

Dine on a Middle-Eastern inspired feast: cucumbers, grapes, figs, pita, tomatoes, couscous, olives, hummus, crackers, etc. Think dinner charcuterie that guests can eat with their hands (as the shepherd’s did). Sip on sparkling cider with your meal.

The Activity: Read the Story of Christ’s Birth

Read the story of the birth of Jesus Christ from Luke 2. We take lots of breaks to discuss with our girls the meaning of the words and what it would have felt like to be one of the shepherd’s on the hillside that first Christmas night.

Host Your Own

I’ve included a printable with the scriptures to read along with a shopping and prep list for you to host your own Shepherd’s Dinner. I would love to see your celebration come together – tag me on Instagram and use the hashtag #MerrierHolidays so I won’t miss it!

Merry Christmas, Friends!

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