Holiday Gifts for Teachers: 12 Days of Christmas Gifting

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Teachers are the true angels of our communities. Along with nurses, they probably have the most demanding, often overlooked job on the planet, and deserve our gratitude. After all, who else has to listen to your child’s never-ending macaroni and cheese stories? But I digress.

We want to show our teachers some extra love around this time of year, but it’s so tricky to know what to give them. I took to Instagram polls (the ultimate source of wisdom & guidance) to ask: what do teachers want? The answer: NOT MORE MUGS!

They love mugs, yes. They use them, sure. But 25 kids, 1 mug/kid, over 10 years of teaching? Not that many mugs. The same goes for reusable water bottles, Yeti tumblers, etc. And a flask can just be ruled out all together for other reasons.

So today, I’m offering up some other gift ideas for teachers – great for the holidays or end-of-year gifts, to show that you love them, you value them, and you want them to be especially nice to YOUR kid (kidding, but only kind of.)

1. Go in on a group gift card

If you’re familiar with the other parents in the class, I suggest going in on a group gift card. Teachers often get lots of small presents or gift cards to places like Starbucks or Target, but giving one large gift card would allow them to buy something they might not otherwise get for themselves. If you have ten kids in a class and each parent contributes just $10, you’ll be able to give them a substantial gift card to a store they love.

I like to give gift cards to places they can use for work or themselves – Amazon and Target are always winners. For our dance teacher, we go in on a Lululemon gift card. Our beloved instructor is always wearing workout gear, and she’s a part of the Sweat Collective – a membership community of trainers & instructors who get exclusive discount on gear. Do a little detective work to see what your teachers are into: a soccer coach would probably love a gift card to Nike.

2. Give Something Seasonal

Everyone loves a holiday scented candle, pretty ornaments, or anything else fun and festive. With so many students giving gifts, it all ends up become a lot of stuff – which leads to a lot of clutter. Seasonal gifts are great because they essentially get used up or put away with the decor at the end of the season: they don’t contribute to endless clutter.

I tend to steer away from food or drink gifts for a few reasons: they are probably bombarded with these kinds of goodies already, they could be trying to eat healthfully, or have dietary restrictions I don’t know about.

3. Seriously Fun Gifts

Last, something with major playfulness that is actually useful makes a great gift for teachers. Think whimsical stationary, an inspiring book, or a gadget that will make their lives easier – like my favorite collapsible tote.

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