My Own (For Real) Christmas Wishlist

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Today I’m bringing you my own Christmas wishlist as a part of the 12 Days of Christmas Gifting! This might be a subtle little hint for my own Santa, and if it would help yours, feel free to pass it along. I’m keeping it very real here, as evidenced by the steam mop on my wishlist (no frilly color coordination or theme going on here, just things that I’ve been eyeing for myself for a while!)

I’ve been thinking of a warm, long puffer jacket for a few years now – totally needed in the cold New England winters. This one is under $80 and super flattering. I’m also digging this chunky, colorblocked sweater – so unique and pretty. If you’re on the lookout for a pair of high-end looking hiking style boots, these ones are only $17.50 right now (for real!) and come highly recommended.

I’m picky when it comes to perfume: I want something fresh and clean, and I also love woody notes. Jo Malone’s Wood Sage & Sea Salt has it all – there’s a reason why it’s so beloved. It’s such a special gift to give or receive and comes beautifully packaged. Skincare buffs would like this facial cleansing brush, too – helps to exfoliate, cleanse and smooth skin.

I love receiving books for any occasion, and American Cozy and Designing Your Life have been on my book list for a while. I’m also really hoping to take a DNA test this year. Family history has become a huge passion of mine, and I’m eager to learn more of my heritage. This kit comes with the lab fee included as a bonus.

I featured the Sunrise Alarm clock in the Teen Girl Gift Guide previously during the 12 Days of Christmas Gifting, but I really want one for myself! Whether you’re getting up for school or work, or in my case, to have some quiet time before the kids wake up, this helps to wake naturally without noisy alarms.

And finally, the steam mop. I wish I didn’t want a steam mop, but it’s like a sirens call. I can’t get it out of my head! These are the things that come with age: wrinkles, and an insatiable desire for the latest and greatest in cleaning technology. This handy little tool cleans hard floors and kills 99% of germs with steam – no cleaning solution needed.

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