Teen Girl Gift Guide: 12 Days of Christmas Gifting

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Nylon Monogrammed Belt BagThe Ordinary Skincare Set Cropped Amazon LeggingsSunrise Alarm ClockPretty PlannerHair Clips Cozy Puff Sleeve Sweater52 Lists for Happiness Book

Shopping for teens is tricky. In the words of the very wise Britney Spears, she’s “Not a girl, not yet a woman.” So today I’ve rounded up some gifts that I would have LOVED in my teenage years: some useful, some fun, all of them v. cool (that means very cool).

Okay, I realize now I’m recommending a fanny pack right after saying all of these gifts are cool – but fanny packs are in right now, we just call them belt bags. It’s the effortlessly-cool appeal, perfect for tailgating, events & travel. This nylon belt bag has a chic colorblocked band and free monogramming. Another trendy item back from the 90’s but with a cool twist: hair clips. I love this set from Amazon with lots of variety.

These leggings are a great dupe for the super-expensive Lululemon pair but under $30 on Amazon. I love the slightly cropped length to show a bit of ankle (super flattering), and they come in tons and tons of colors. This puff-sleeve sweater is another good buy that will last for a long time. Super cozy for winter and great for layering.

There’s not an executive assistant in this world more organized than teenage girls, I swear. For your type-A teen, give her a fresh planner for the new year. This one has a pretty cover, tons of room for goal setting and notes, and stickers. No one is too old for stickers. Along the same lines, I love this book, ’52 Lists for Happiness’. Full of lists like “List the greatest compliments you’ve been given, and “List some of the happiest people you know.” It’s a motivational way to journal through the year and foster gratitude and joy.

I always loved experimenting with skincare as a teen, and the Ordinary skincare line is great for finicky skin types. This set of bestsellers is gentle but effective and is only $19. And if your favorite girl loves her sleep, gift her this sunrise alarm clock for a gentler wake up call before classes. It mimics natural sunlight to help the body wake naturally and improve moods. (You’re welcome).

Looking for more gifts for her? Check out these finds:


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