Stocking Stuffers for Boys: 12 Days of Christmas Gifting

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Knit Fair Isle StockingBig Book of Outer Space Coloring Pancake Batter BottleClassic DominoesPatterned SocksStuffed MooseSpirograph KitMini Penguin PuzzleSuper Soft Boxer Briefs

I love Pottery Barn personalized stockings. They are so cute and classic, and I think having them monogrammed makes a special family heirloom. Stocking stuffers are one of my favorite things to buy for Christmas. You could go totally practical, like these soft undies in cool prints, or patterned socks, or opt for fun and kitchy toys, or a bit of both. I usually mix fun stuff as well as things they need – don’t forget a toothbrush!

Classic dominoes are a fun way to spend time indoors. My kids were absolutely mesmerized when I built a trail of dominoes around our coffee table and knocked them over. For another throwback toy, this spirograph kit is perfect for busy little artists – even bigger kids will find it entertaining.

A coloring book is a no-brainer, but this GIANT book of coloring has great illustrations and will have them busy for hours. If your boys aren’t into outer space, they also have dinosaurs, trucks, and other varieties to choose from. A mini puzzle fits snugly in a stocking and makes an excellent travel toy. We swear by Mudpuppy puzzles and this mini Penguin puzzle is just adorable.

Wondering about the bottle with a whisk ball inside? This is actually meant for pancake batter! You add your batter, shake it up, and use the bottle to doodle, write letters, make shapes or numbers on your griddle. Pancakes are always a hit in our house, but pancakes in the shape of Santa’s hat will probably make you the Coolest Mom Ever ™. It’s so easy to use, your kids can even do it themselves (with you nearby, of course).

I’m imagining topping a stocking with these adorable furry antlers sticking out. How cute! Jellycat stuffed animals are our favorite, and this mini moose is perfect for winter time snuggles.

Need more great stocking stuffer ideas for boys? Check these out:


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