Girls Gift Guide: 12 Days of Christmas Gifting

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Plaid Flannel NightgownLCD Writing TabletFrozen Necklace KitRetro Play KitchenSofia Valdez, Future PrezFaux Fur Collar Cape Plush Baby DollSit & Ride Scooter Vintage Tea SetClassic Modern Dollhouse

Christmas pajamas are a must, and I love these plaid flannel nightgowns. So cozy, plus, you can have them monogrammed. I also love these Christmas pajamas for kids – so super soft! For more cozy factor, this adorable cape has a fuzzy collar and is made of warm felted wool-like material without the itchiness of real wool. This is something I would save and pass down from my girls!

I always gift a book at Christmas, and Sofia Valdez, Future Prez is on the list this year. I feature lots of books by Andrea Beaty in my list of The 100+ Best Children’s Books on Pinterest – the illustrations are whimsical, the text is cute and clever, and the characters are inspiring. An LCD writing pad is a fun way for your kids to doodle, draw, and write during quiet time, church or travel without all the mess. These ones have great reviews and are under $10!

This Frozen necklace crafting set is so fun – lots of pretty beads and characters to make endless combinations. If your kids prefer another character, there’s lots of variety here: classic Disney princesses, Minnie Mouse, Trolls, you name it. I also love to gift more classic toys, like a plush baby doll or tea party set. We cherish our ‘baby brother’ (even those it’s in a dress) and I love that it doesn’t have a creepy doll face or hard plastic arms. This tea set is another darling gift that will be played with for years to come.

Speaking of heirloom gifts, if you’ve been on the hunt for a play kitchen, the Kid Kraft Retro Kitchen is cute and pretty much indestructible. Eva got hers when she turned two, and both girls still play with it daily! I’ve been on the hunt for a good dollhouse that is pretty and still stand the test of time – this modern classic dollhouse has soft colors, lots of thoughtful touches, and will provide hours of play. Dollhouses can be expensive, but this was under $80 the last time I checked!

For an outdoor riding toy for little ones, I love everything that Radio Flyer makes. Classic, gender neutral, and well-made, this scooter is one of our favorites: it can be sat on and scooted, or ridden like a big kid scooter once they’re a bit older. I love that there’s no sharp metal edges – something I’m immensely grateful for with this daredevil on my hands!

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