Capsule Wardrobe For A Week at the Lake & Tips for Packing Like a Pro

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Every summer we spend a week at my husbands family lake house in Minnesota. My first year going was just a few weeks after our wedding, and I seriously over packed and over dressed. On the first morning I came out in a dress and wedges with my hair and makeup done – and his cousin outright laughed at me. I’ve taken it down a notch since then and now I keep it very simple and casual.

Now that we have the girls, I’ve gotten packing for the lake down to a science – we can fit everything for our family of four in one suitcase. It helps that the destination is so laidback and we can do laundry there if we want to. Another key to packing light is a good capsule wardrobe.

I love capsule wardrobes. I see it as being only the best things around. Versatile pieces you can mix together a million different ways and always looks good. Today I’m sharing with you my capsule wardrobe for a week long vacation in Minnesota – along with some of my best tips for maximizing your luggage space!

Capsule Wardrobe for a Week at the Lake

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Lots of Great Options for Your Own Capsule Wardrobe


Beauty Must Haves for a Summer Getaway


Packing Like a Pro

The first step to pack like a pro – streamline, streamline, streamline! I set out all of my ‘ideal’ outfits, then figure out which pieces can work double time in different looks. For example: my airplane joggers are the perfect thing to wear to a bonfire on a chilly evening, and a denim jacket is pretty much the perfect layering piece over any summer outfit. Scale down the non-essentials.

Work off a basic color palette. My summer color palette is usually made up of whites, neutrals, blues, and pops of pink or red. Working within a basic palette makes your outfits easy to mix and match. Denim, whites, and neutrals are super versatile and work for so many different looks without having to change up everything.

To maximize luggage space, wear your bulkiest items on your travel day. Your heavy shoes (think Birkenstocks in summer or heavy boots in winter), should be what you wear on the airplane, along with your jeans and whatever else could claim a lot of real estate in your suitcase. I also like to bring my jacket as my personal item – this frees up so much space in your luggage and comes in handy for chilly airplane cabins.

Packing. Cubes. Need I say more? Okay, I will. Packing cubes are these magical little mesh and nylon bags that organize all of your items. If you’re packing on your own, you could sort by item type – dresses, tops, bottoms, etc. – or if you’re sharing luggage you can sort by family member. Once you’re at your destination, plop the packing cubes into drawers and open – voila! You’re unpacked! I love this set from Amazon.

Roll your clothing instead of folding and stacking. Rolling up your clothes saves space and keeps them from wrinkling. Plus, you can easily spot what’s packed. For my girls, I roll up complete outfits, undies and all, to make it easy to get dressed in the morning.

Use a sleek jewelry organizer. I love dainty jewelry, and usually travel with just a few pieces. But if you’re going on a longer trip or need more options, this flat organizer helps keep your earrings together and your necklaces tangle-free. This one is amazing – it has a place for everything and would make a great gift, too.

Hope this gives you some ideas for your own summer capsule wardrobe! I’d love to hear where you’re going and what your travel essentials are!

Happy travels, friends!

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