The Best Books of the Summer & How to Get More Reading Done

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You all know how much I love to read – and sharing my favorites on here is always so much fun. Reading has always been a great love of mine, and I realize that many people want to read more, but just have trouble finding the time or motivation. So today I’m going to share some of my best tips to fit more reading into your day – along with three of the best books of the summer to get you started.

Quit a book – really

There’s no prize waiting for the person who finishes books that they hate. I have no problem stopping in the middle of a book if it’s not interesting to me anymore, or if I don’t feel happy or inspired reading it. With so many great books in the world to read, sticking with one that you don’t love is a waste of time, and it’ll make you less excited to pick up the next book.

Read whatever interests you

My mom made up this rule for my brother and I when we were kids to encourage us to read. We could pick whatever we wanted (within age-appropriate boundaries). Captain Underpants? Sure. All of the Sarah Dessen teen romance novels? You bet. The same rules should apply as an adult. Don’t try to convince yourself that people who read non-fiction are superior than murder-mystery lovers – whatever makes you excited, read that!

Utilize your commute

Audiobooks are a great way to get in extra ‘reading’ without actually reading. Utilize your commute by listening to audiobooks instead of listening to music or zoning out. I have a friend that swears by listening to motivational non-fictional on her way into work, and some fun, lighthearted read on her way home. I love that being intentional with what you read on your commute can help you to feel inspired or decompress after a long day.

Keep a reading list

There’s nothing worse than not having anything interesting to read, so I keep a running list on my phone (and on Pinterest – follow me there!) of all the great books I’d like to dive into next.

Make it a part of your routine

I mostly read at night before falling asleep. It’s such a key part of my routine that I find it hard to sleep without it! I keep what I’m currently reading on my nightstand (usually two books at a time that I can rotate between depending on my mood,) which it makes it really easy to remember to read at night. Knowing you’ll read at the same time and place every day makes it non-negotiable and a part of your every day life.

Take notes to process

I love to take notes when I read. It’s a part of my creative process, and helps me to remember key takeaways or memorable quotes. My note-taking process is super simple: I fold down any pages that have passages I’d like to take notes on, and when I’m finished the entire book, I type up my notes in a google doc. I keep quotes that I love, statistics and research I find interesting, and jot down my own notes (in italics, so I know what’s my own and what is from the author). There’s a simple way to search google docs and find what you’re looking for, if you have to go back later and find a specific quote.

Join or start a book club

Book clubs aren’t just for old Karens and Kathys anymore. Let’s #makebookclubcoolagain. Book clubs are for millenials! Girls night! Snacks! I have a whole post dedicated to how I do book club and tips for starting your own. Not sure what to read? Try one of these newer titles:

The Moment of LiftCity of GirlsLess

Reading helps me to unwind, recharge, and feel inspired – I hope this helps you get some more reading in your day!

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