Father’s Day Gift Guide Part Two

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Brett’s Camelbak is one of his favorite and most used gifts. He’s a road cyclist, so this gets a lot of use in the summer. This is also really helpful for runners and for long hikes when you don’t want to haul water bottles but need to stay hydrated. I love the smell of Chanel Bleu De Chanel Cologne – I swear it works on everyone! It’s a clean, fresh scent with just enough woody scent. If you could bottle up a warm afternoon nap after a day spent outside on the water in the summertime – this would be it!

This set of slim Tile Anything Finders is a subtle hint for the dad or husband that is forever saying “Where is/are my… keys/phone/wallet/ipad/drill?” Just press the tiles on the oft-lost-item and keep the other one handy. When he’s unsure of where his precious valuables are, he can click his tile finder instead of asking you. Win-win.

Dry Fit Golf Shorts really are a necessity for the guy who loves to golf. The fabric helps him to stay cool and dry even on a hot day while still looking pulled together. These are a really great pair. This Nike Golf Cap has the comfortable fit of the classic Nike caps without an in-your-face logo. Great for running or golfing to keep the sun out of his eyes and only $31!

A Putting Trainer is such a fun gift! I love this one because it doesn’t take up a ton of space and will keep up his golf skills year round. I might get this for Brett and use it to improve my own golf game (or entertain my toddlers, you know, whichever). An Insulated Yeti Tumbler is a great go-to gift for guys. You know the drill: keeps his drinks icy cold all day, dishwasher safe, spill-proof, etc. You really can’t go wrong! I love the largest size in this great olive green.

This Weekender Duffle Bag is such a classic piece of luggage in the perfect size for summer weekend trips. Super durable, washable, and easy to store away when not in use.

These Nike Quest Running Sneakers are so comfortable. Brett’s had them for over a year and wears them to the gym nearly every day – still going strong. Comes in lots of color and only $46!

ClickCaddie Golf Cart Phone Holster is pretty genius – golf carts have a special slot for golf balls but not a secure place to store phones. This handy little device has a golf-ball shaped anchor that secures your phone for easy access.

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