Easter Traditions – Beyond the Egg Hunt

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I love celebrating Easter as a family. It marks the beginning of a new season, but it also has special significance to us as Christians. We look forward to church on Easter morning, a family dinner, an Easter egg hunt, and opening up Easter baskets first thing in the morning. Today I’m sharing a few more traditions beyond the egg hunt to start with your family this year!

We have done an resurrection lesson with Easter eggs as a family for a few years now and it’s always a big success. This activity is great for little ones who might not have the attention span for long lessons – my girls are thoroughly entertained by it. Essentially, you fill plastic Easter eggs (we’ve used these ones – can’t beat the price,) with objects like a small cracker, coins, knotted twine, and a rock to illustrate the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection. I use this free PDF from Creations by Kara (found on Pinterest). As you read the story of the resurrection from the bible, you open corresponding numbered eggs to reveal the symbol of that part of the story.

The Small Seed is an interfaith website that provides insights, parenting and marriage advice, and how-to’s. I love their thoughtful scripture guides and easy ideas for family traditions. This year we are excited to use their Easter week guide to countdown to Easter Sunday. Each day of the week from Palm Sunday to the resurrection is filled with images, scriptures readings, activities and songs to teach your children about the meaning of Easter. The download is free and it includes a printable packet and poster that can be used to mark each day with your family as you complete the readings and activities. It’s a lot like a Christmas advent calendar, but tweaked to suit the Easter holiday. My girls love counting down the days leading up to Easter – we use the small poster and have them put up little pictures that remind them of the scripture passage we read that day.

The last few years of dyeing Easter eggs has proved unsuccessful, so this year we are trying our hand at using cool whip to dye Easter eggs! I found this idea on Pinterest and it yields the same pretty, marbled results of using shaving cream to color your eggs, but without the nasty chemicals – so it’s safe to do with little kids, and you can eat the hard boiled eggs after, if you choose. You just add drops of food coloring to cool whip gently stir with a fork, roll your eggs in the mix, and then let them dry for 5 minutes before wiping off.

Of course we can’t wait to open up Easter baskets, and hunt for Easter eggs in the back yard. Still need ideas for Easter basket fillers? I’ve put together a post with my favorite picks for Easter baskets. I also posted some sweet Easter outfits for little ones – my girls are already excited to wear their new dresses.

I had so much fun putting this post together for you and I hope you enjoy doing these activities with your family as much as we do! What is your favorite Easter tradition?

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