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  1. Gel crayon set of 36. These are a lot more vibrant than normal crayons but not at all messy – so perfect for travel or rainy days to keep kids busy. This would also make a really great little birthday gift at a good price point. I might start to keep a few sets on hand to give as last minute birthday presents.
  2. Saltwater Sandals are pretty much all that my girls wear in the summer. I love them because they look cute enough to wear out and about or to church, but can also be worn in the water at the beach. They get softer with each wear and are crazy durable!
  3. This pretty embroidered quilt is the perfect size for a baby or toddler. I was really pleasantly surprised at the quality after ordering this from Amazon. So gorgeous!
  4. We love our Jellycat stuffed animals. They are the cutest and softest little animals – Eva has a bunny and Claire has a bear and they go everywhere with us. I love these as a first gift for baby.
  5. This set of 24 bow clips are the perfect size for little ones and won’t slip out of hair. The set has twelve colors, two of each. Such an amazing deal!
  6. Toddlers in headphones ranks right behind babies in rain boots on the cuteness scale. Our girls each have a pair for flights to keep everyone (read: me) happy during travel. These come in multiple colors and are only $10!
  7. This Radio-Flyer two-way scooter was one of Eva’s second birthday gifts and she still uses it all the time. Little ones can sit and scoot on it, then it easily converts to a standing scooter for when they’re a bit older. Such a good value that will last for years.
  8. We use our watercolor paints nearly every day! This palette has all the colors you’ll need.
  9. Wetbrushes have been a game changer for me. They’re the only brush my toddler will tolerate on her hair – use them in wet or dry hair and they won’t snag or pull. I like getting the set of three and keeping them all over – one in the girls’ bathroom, one in my bag, one in the ballet bag.
  10. Velvet hangers make any closet feel instantly more spacious and organized. I love them because they are so streamlined and give you more closet space – plus, the flocked design keeps little straps and sleeves from falling off the hanger. These are the mini version, scaled down to fit baby and kid clothes.
  11. Zarbee’s melatonin gummies are the real. deal. I tried some myself and they are so good – just like a fruit snack – and really helped me to fall asleep and get really great quality rest. I bought them to help keep my kids sleep rhythm while traveling.
  12. The OK-to-Wake Alarm Clock is a lifesaver for those of us with kids who want to wake up at the crack of dawn. Set the ‘alarm’ to when you want your kids to wake up (or come out of their bedroom), and it will glow green to tell them it’s OK to get out of bed. My girls love it.
  13. We use our big preschool book every day. It has so many great worksheets about patterns, shapes, colors, numbers and letters. Eva flies through smaller workbooks, but this one has kept her thoroughly entertained.
  14. This toddler sheet set is one of my favorite Amazon purchases ever. Bless the person who realized that creating toddler top sheets with one fitted end would keep them from kicking off the sheets in the night! They are also super soft, wash up well, and have a good range of colors.
  15. A carseat mirror is a must-have for babies. I tried a few cheaper options and regretted it – the mirrors were warped or flimsy or they didn’t attach securely. This one stays put and gives you a perfect view of your backward-facing carseat.
  16. Do-A-Dot Paint Markers are in my arsenal of craft supplies at all times. They give all the fun of painting or playing with stamps but won’t leave you with a mess and don’t require water. These are a great first craft for little ones because they are so easy to grip.

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