Our Spring Bucket List

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One of our favorite family traditions is making a bucket list each season. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, we brainstorm fun adventures to do as a family (and mix in some things that need to be done, too.) Usually, it goes like this. I try to make it into a family to-do list with things like ‘get rings fitted’ or ‘pressure wash the house’. Brett adds in fun adventures like ‘take a family hike’ and ‘play soccer’. Then the girls request things like ‘blow bubbles’ and ‘go to the playground.’ All together, it makes for one awesome seasonal bucket list.

I keep our list where we can see it every day. The wanna-be fun mom in me loves having a list of exciting things to do together, and the productivity zealot gets immense joy from checking things off the list.

Today, I’m sharing our spring list with you – full of big and small things to accomplish in the season. I consider March, April, and May to be ‘Spring’, so all of these are things I’d like to get done in this window. Some of these are more personal to us, but I hope you gather some inspiration and create your own bucket list!

1. Do an Easter egg hunt (of course!)

2. Dye Easter eggs

3. Plant a lilac or hydrangea tree

4. Renew our passports for Italy!

5. Have a ‘Memorial Day’ for Mom & Dad (Grandma & Grandpa)

6. Visit the farmer’s market

7. Hatch butterflies (I’m planning on using this kit from Amazon that has great reviews)

8. Give the cars a spring cleaning

9. Play with sidewalk chalk

10. Plant flowers

11. Visit 3 new playgrounds

12. Blow bubbles

13. Play soccer

14. Go for a hike

15. Get rings fitted (only 6 years later)

16. Visit a farm

17. Celebrate Brett’s birthday!

18. Host Mother’s Day Brunch (pictures & details to come!)

19. Sharing book club meeting

20. Matching pedicures

21. Visit the Boston Flower Show

22. Celebrate Cinco de Mayo!

Spring is my favorite time of the year because I feel so energized and excited for all the fresh possibilities ahead. Let me know if you try making a Bucket List for yourself or your family and what’s on it. What am I missing from my list? What are you most excited about this spring?

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