Our Summer Bucket List

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One of my tricks to having a fun-filled summer and creating a rhythm for our family in the summertime is making a summer bucket list. It’s exactly what it sounds like – our must-do activities to have a fun summer!

I consider June, July, and August to be summer time, so our summer bucket list has goals and adventures that fit into that window. I have so much fun making our bucket lists each season and get so much joy every time I tick off a box once we’ve completed it! I love putting our list somewhere highly visible: printed out and hung on the fridge, on a kraft paper poster (I’ve linked the kraft paper I order from Amazon here), or written on a large chalkboard if you have one.



Some tips for creating your own summer bucket list:

  • Gather everyone’s input on your bucket list… The whole family will have more fun if their own goals are met. It’s a great conversation to have near the end of the school year to get kids pumped for summer. Ask everyone to contribute a few ideas, then narrow it down from there!
  • …But keep expectations realistic. While you want everyone to have some of their ideas on the list, you want to make sure you’re not writing checks you can’t cash. Only put things on the list that you think you’ll actually do. My list is comprised of things that I sometimes wouldn’t think to do – like setting up a sprinkler obstacle course – but aren’t hard to do.
  • Add the big plans first… The lake house vacation. The amusement park. The birthday celebration. Make sure those are the first things on your list – especially if they are time-sensitive and require a bit of planning.
  • Then sprinkle in the fun little activities. Blowing bubbles. Running through sprinklers. A lemonade stand. Swimming, sunning, collecting seashells. All of those can go throughout your list and will add up to a fun, memorable summer.

Hopefully this list gives you some ideas for your summer adventures and gets you inspired as we head into the new season. I’m including a printable that you can use for your own family, as well as our exact bucket list for this summer!

I am so excited to get hustling with our summer bucket list! Time to have some fun. What’s on your list this summer? Do you pack it into a few big trips, or do several small things throughout? What else should I add to our list?

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